Answers to Trivia Questions in Chamber Newsletter

1. What is the only type of bird that can fly backwards?

  • Hummingbird.

2. What is the chemical symbol for Lead?

  • Pb

3. Who is known as the Golden Bear?

  • Jack Nicklaus.

4. What is the Matilda in Waltzing Matilda?

  • A  Swag.

5. Which city is the world’s most populated?

  • Tokyo.

6. Which swimmer was known as Madam Butterfly?

  • Susie O’neil.

7. Which country has the most volcanoes?

  • Indonesia.

8. How many medals did Ian Thorpe win at the Sydney Olympics?

  • Five (Three gold and two silver).

9. What does the A in DNA stand for?

  • Acid.

10. What is Australia’s second oldest city?

  • Hobart.

11. Which bird’s name means two under par in golf?

  • Eagle.

12. Which NSW town do David Campese and Mark Webber come from?

  • Queanbeyan.

13. Which of these real estate agencies did not originate in Australia – Ray White, LJ Hooker or Century 21?

  • Century 21.

14. In which town was Sir Donald Bradman born?

  • Cootamundra.

15. Who directed ‘Braveheart’?

  • Mel Gibson.